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Personal Development Growth – The Key to Leading a Happy and Fulfilling Life

Personal development growth is one of the keys to leading a happy and fulfilling life. Personal growth involves improving, learning new skills, and developing an effective mindset. Getting a handle on your strengths and weaknesses can increase your daily confidence at work. This leads to higher quality work for your clients and the company. Go to for more information.

1. It’s Easy to Use

Led by renowned high-performance coach and tech entrepreneur Brendon Burchard, our team loves serving people with research-driven tools that inspire behavior change in measurable ways at an extraordinary scale. Our mission is to make a real difference in the world by helping more people commit to and practice new personal development habits than any other company in the industry.

personal development growth

GrowthDay is the world’s first all-in-one personal development app for achieving your full potential. All the life-changing tools you need, all in one place: journaling, habit tracking, goal setting, life coaching, wellness challenges and personal development courses. Plus, a global community of 107,000 supportive achievers to motivate and inspire you.

We offer LIVE coaching with the world’s best personal development teachers, coaches and leaders twice each week. These world-class speakers—who charge thousands of dollars for their keynotes—share the best tips and tricks they’ve learned to help you master your mindset, relationships, health, productivity and more.

You can also get advice from Brendon himself in his live two-hour growth discussion every first of the month. He believes that if you have a good first day of the month, you’ll have a great month, year and decade ahead. You can join him and a global audience of high-achieving people to learn the key to maximizing your growth in each area of your life.

3. It’s Helping Real People

Until recently, most people never got into personal development, never made self-improvement a way of life and never went to the next level of success, health, meaning, growth, contribution. Why? Because they are held back by disbelief. They believe they can’t really grow, open up, get momentum, have more success and enjoy life more. And that’s not because of a toxic self-help industry, it’s because of the way they see themselves.

Until they address their unworthiness, inadequacy and division, they will never engage with personal development. And that’s why we launched GrowthDay, to help real people with their inner work and personal development growth. We bring you top notch speakers like Brendon Burchard, Trent Shelton and the Bossbabe founders LIVE and on-demand twice a week in GrowthDay to help you stay motivated, inspired and succeeding!