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COVID-19: 3 Questions To Ask When Booking Your Trip

3 Questions to Ask Your Transportation Company When Booking Your Trip

Are you traveling again soon? If so, that’s good news to us, but we want you to be prepared and safe when you do!

We have compiled a few questions below that we have received during the COVID-19 pandemic, and we want to share them with you so you are well-prepared before you travel.

What safety measures and protocols is your company taking to help prevent the spread of COVID-19?This one may seem obvious, but any reliable company should have written protocols they are willing to share with you.As passengers, what extra safety measures should we be aware of so we are well-prepared to travel?i.e. Do you require us to wear a mask at all times? Are we required to handle our own bags? How many people can we have in a vehicle?In the event our trip is cancelled or postponed due to COVID-19, what is your cancellation policy?A reliable company should be transparent about their cancellation policies and have no hidden fees.

These questions may not be comprehensive for your travels, but we hope they help you think through all the details you have and most importantly stay safe.

For more information on our Health Policies and Procedures click here.

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PAX Professional Training Announcement

As your trusted transportation partner, we always strive to provide you and your passengers the highest levels of service and safety.

We are excited and proud to announce that all of our chauffeurs will now be PAX Certified. The PAX Certified Training System is the limousine industry’s Gold Standard for Training and is the Official Training Partner of the National Limousine Association.

The PAX Chauffeur Certification is comprised of six (6) comprehensive training modules with a strong emphasis on Customer Service and Driving Safety. Chauffeurs must complete a certification test that verifies they understand their role and responsibilities as a Certified Professional Chauffeur. As part of our commitment to the PAX Training System, each chauffeur receives continuing education on a weekly basis. This on-going training helps us maintain our commitment to providing a world class service experience.

We value your business and thank you for choosing Executive Transportation to be your trusted transportation provider


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Filling A Need For Baby Boomers

Express Mobile Transportation Fills the Need of Aging Boomers and Caretakers

The ever aging Baby Boomer generation is expected to double by 2025.  As this generation ages, it brings along a whole set of challenges for their family members.   An AARP study found that the average caregiver is a 49-year-old woman who works outside the home and spends nearly twenty hours a week providing care for an aging parent or other family members for at least five years.  The person offering the care has the burden of lost work hours or forced into early retirement to provide the care needed for their loved one.

I encountered this experience first hand when both in-laws became terminally ill at the same time.  Fortunately, we had an active family unit, and many of us pulled together to orchestrate a manageable schedule for everyone.    Sadly, not all families have this same support system.   The challenge came with the need for multiple doctors’ appointments for both parents.    I would find myself leaving work early to take one parent to these appointments and then returning him or her home hours later.  There were many weeks when this became a three or four-day task, removing me from my office for a minimum of four hours each time.

One day I had a thought that I remember well…., “If I could find someone to transport my parent to and from their doctor’s appointments and I could meet them at the appointment, it would allow me a few extra hours at my desk!”   As I looked around the waiting room of the practitioner’s office, it appeared many people were in my exact situation.

My personal experience with this challenge and the knowledge of the passenger transportation industry led us to create Express Mobile Transportation.  Our family business, Executive Transportation, has existed for more than sixty years.  Within that time we have become experts in moving passengers safely and efficiently.   Our corporate clients trust us to serve them with the highest level of care and we are committed to treating our senior and mobility challenged clients with the dignity they deserve.

The rapid increase in aging Boomers brings about the opportunity for Express Mobile to partner with those caregivers who struggle with time constraints.  Express Mobile’s service is designed to bring peace of mind in knowing that a family member’s care is the same as if a family member was present. The goal is to relieve the pressure from the caregiver for the need to lose work hours, the possibility of having to rely on the unpaid “Family Leave Act”   or worse forced early retirement.

We understand that life is full of challenges; our main goal at EMT is to help empower you to overcome those challenges. Whether you have a non-emergency medical need such as physical therapy or a doctor’s appointment, or if you simply need wheelchair assistance going shopping, getting to church, or attending a family gathering, we are here to help.

Time with those you love is invaluable. Don’t let lack of transportation keep you from a happy and healthy life.

Don’t Miss A Moment.

Your family member’s comfort and safety is our number one priority. For reservations: 859-655-4600

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What to Expect From a Professional Chauffeur

In today’s world there are so many options for you to hire a car service to get you from one place to another. Unfortunately, the convenience of companies like Uber, Lyft, and various taxi companies have created a culture of sub-par professionalism and sometimes questionably safe scenarios.

We often don’t think about it until we are inside the stranger’s car, but how safe are we really? Can we trust this person? These are valid questions to ask and shouldn’t be taken lightly. The reality is, the number one factor in your safety, comfort, and overall experience is your driver.

To help you ensure you’re going to get the experience you deserve, here are five things you should expect from a professional driver:

AppearanceDriver: Before getting into the vehicle, you should quickly notice that the Chauffeur exudes professionalism. The Chauffeur will be dressed to help represent you well. Simply stated, your professional driver should be wearing the following:>Men – Dress shirt, Tie, Jacket, Slacks, Belt, Dress ShoesWomen – Dress Shirt, Slacks, Skirt (knee length or longer), Blazer, Dress ShoesVehicle: The vehicle’s appearance is equally important as the driver’s. The exterior should be washed and well-detailed. The interior should have vacuumed seats and floorboards, clean dashboards, and you should notice a fresh scent.(Side note: There should never be a tip jar in your vehicle.)Attitude – A professional chauffeur should always greet you with smile and courtesy, willing to assist you by opening your door and placing any luggage in the vehicle for you. The best drivers are able to determine the atmosphere you desire and engage you in pleasant conversation during your ride or remain quiet, so you focus on the matters of the day.Well-Prepared – A professional chauffeur should always know where they are going with a clear plan. If necessary, the driver will also have a second or third route planned incase an issue arises such as an accident, traffic, etc. Their planning should always lead them to arrive 15 minutes early, never late.Safety and Comfort – All vehicles are properly maintained by on-staff mechanics with daily pre-trips performed by the chauffeur for any issues to be handled or to switch vehicles. The driver will always keep alert to road conditions, distances, and the surroundings using trained driving skills. These driving abilities will provide safe transportation for the client to relax. You should expect smooth turns, lane changes, and no hard braking or accelerating.Confidence – A Professional Chauffeur is never in distress. The driver will always maintain a positive outlook while being honest and in control. They will never bend or break any traffic laws such as speeding, hurrying through a yellow light, or rolling through a stop sign

Don’t be lax with the details . . . Arrive with confidence on your next trip. You and your plans are too important.

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Holiday Travel Tips

Holiday Travel Tips

The holidays are upon us! From all the racing around town, to shopping, and Christmas parties, one thing that can be easy to forget when traveling out of town for holidays is how we are going to get all those gifts, luggage, and family members all in one vehicle. Since holiday travel will certainly be crazy this year, here are a few tips to help avoid a travel headache.

Avoid Peak Travel Days Traveling the day before or the day after a holiday can be like walking into Walmart at 6AM on Black Friday…crazy! Try utilize a company that lets you put in flexible travel dates; these will show you which date combinations will give you the best deal and help you avoid the stress you didn’t ask Santa for this year.

Try Alternate Airports Check alternate airports to see if you can avoid the rush of people…it can make all the difference. Smaller airports see fewer flights and typically fewer delays. Sometimes they can to have cheaper flights available, and that’s always a win!

Pack Wisely When Flying Think twice about wrapping any presents before you pack them. Trust us, TSA doesn’t care about those beautiful ribbons as much as you and they won’t be handling all those gifts with delicate care when there’s a line a mile long. So, opt to wrap gifts at your destination, and even consider pre-shipping gifts to free up space in your luggage.

Leave Early and Let Someone Else Drive It’s not just the congestion inside the airport like long lines at check-in and TSA that will cause you problems, but outside the airport has its own slew issues as well. Traffic jams and full parking lots are the last thing you need before your trip starts. Avoid all those obstacles by reserving a professional car service. A reliable car service will find your home in the wee hours of the morning, plan for traffic issues, and bring you to terminal door.

A little pre-planning can bring the much needed peace to your holiday travel and help you focus on what really matters during the season. Happy travels!

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